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Photo of Neuroscience & Early Intervention ME Guest Jed Elison

Discoveries in Neuroscience and the Power of Early Intervention

If a baby or young child is identified with a neurological problem that affects learning or behavior, what are the possibilities for minimizing those effects as the child develops? This week’s Mom Enough guest, Dr. Jed Elison, brings research that supports the power of early intervention, an encouraging message for children and families everywhere.

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Photo of Benefits of Nature ME Guest, Cathy Jordan

Benefits of Nature Experience at Every Age

How much time do you and your children spend outside in nature? And if your answer is “not much,” what benefits are you missing? Dr. Cathy Jordan joins Marti & Erin to discuss the latest science on how nature experience contributes to health, happiness, learning, and stewardship of our planet. Tune in – and then get ready to get the whole family, babies to grandparents, out into nature!

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Photo of gluten-free ME guest, Dr. Julie Jones

Beyond Gluten-Free Trends: Key Facts on Wheat, Celiac and Nutrition

Dive into gluten-free with Dr. Julie Miller Jones, PhD, as she unravels the science of gluten, wheat allergy, and celiac disease. Get expert insights on who should follow gluten-free diets, the differences between wheat allergy and non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and practical advice for managing celiac disease. Join us for a captivating episode filled with valuable information for a healthier, gluten-conscious lifestyle.

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Photo of Early Childhood Screening ME Guest, Brenna Rudolph

Free Early Childhood Screening: Ensure Your Child’s Optimal Development

Are you concerned that your child only says a handful of words, while your friend’s child speaks in sentences? Or do you think your child struggles too much with making friends or managing emotions? Or maybe you believe your child’s development is right on track, but wonder how you can be sure. Tune in for the answers you need, brought to you by Help Me Grow.

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Photo of Parenting with Severe & Persistent Mental Illness ME Guests, Jane Perry & Kim Gascoigne

Parenting with Severe & Persistent Mental Illness: Help & Hope for Families

This 3-part series on parental mental health focused first on ways parent and child mental health are inextricably connected and, second, on postpartum depression and anxiety and the impact on the parent-infant relationship. But what about individuals who are parenting even as they struggle with Severe & Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI)? Two St. David’s Center therapists illuminate what can help both parent and child navigate the unique challenges of parenting with SPMI.

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Photo of Postpartum Anxiety & Depression ME Guest, Laura Talbot

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety: Support & Intervention for Parent and Baby

Feeling depressed or anxious in the early months of parenting is not uncommon. But when those feelings are serious and persist beyond a few weeks, consequences can be significant for parent, baby and the whole family. This episode brings hopeful guidance on recognizing postpartum depression, supporting parent and baby, and seeking effective parent-infant treatment as needed.

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