Trauma and Parenting: Healing Through Indigenous Traditions and Mind-Body Practices

In This Episode:

Photo of trauma and parenting ME Guest, Susan Beaulieu

In this insightful episode, we are joined by Susan Beaulieu, an Anishinaabe woman, a citizen of the Red Lake Nation in Minnesota, and a mom. Susan brings a wealth of experience from nearly two decades of working with Indigenous communities in various capacities, including project development, training, and facilitation in the areas of community and youth development, trauma, and healing. As the Healing Justice Director at NDN Collective, an ACE Interface Master Trainer, and a certified Mind-Body Medicine facilitator, Susan’s dedication to fostering right relationships, health, and well-being shines through her work and personal journey.

In This Episode, which is brought to you by Mom Enough® supporting partner, Help Me Grow MN:


ACEs, Trauma, and Healing:

Susan shares her personal journey of how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma, and healing have intersected in her life, leading her to the impactful work she does today. She also shares how her understanding of these topics and their interconnection have changed over time and what this has meant for her professionally and personally.


Traditional Indigenous Practices for Healing:

Discover the profound impact traditional Indigenous healing practices have had on Susan and how they shape her work today.


Motherhood and Parenting:

With children ranging from 5 to 25 years of age, Susan reflects on how her journey has influenced her parenting.


Insights on Healing from Trauma:

Susan shares some of the most significant insights from her own healing journey, offering wisdom that can help others on their path to healing and well-being.


Join us for a conversation filled with deep reflections, practical wisdom, and insights on the power of traditional Indigenous practices. Tune in to hear Susan Beaulieu’s experiences and expertise on trauma and healing. Don’t forget to subscribe and listen to our hundreds of on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, or wherever you listen to your podcasts!



How did Susan Beaulieu’s personal experiences with trauma shape her work? What are some key takeaways from Susan’s insights on the power of traditional Indigenous healing practices? How can mind-body practices be incorporated into daily parenting routines to support healing? In what ways did Susan’s journey influence her approach to parenting her four children? What aspects of Susan’s story resonated most with you and why?

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