It’s Not About the Wine: Navigating Motherhood, Sobriety, and Mommy Wine Culture

In This Episode:

Book Cover for Mommy Wine Culture Guest, Celeste YvonneWomen are drinking more alcohol than ever before. A quick scroll on social media will produce numerous memes of moms drinking, making light of what can pose a real threat to the health and wellbeing of mothers and their families. With the rise of “mommy wine culture” – and the normalization of drinking during motherhood – it can be a challenge to maintain a healthy relationship with alcohol.

In this compelling episode, we are joined by Celeste Yvonne, author of It’s Not About the Wine: The Loaded Truth behind Mommy Wine Culture. A sober mom advocate, writer, and certified recovery coach, Celeste is the founding host of the Sober Mom Squad. With over five years of sobriety, Celeste is a passionate advocate for mothers grappling with addiction and mental health challenges.

Together with Mom Enough® co-hosts, Dr. Marti Erickson and Dr. Erickson, Celeste delves into the reasons behind the surge in alcohol use and the implications for mothers and families. She explores the alarming trend of increased alcohol consumption among women, particularly mothers. Celeste shines a spotlight on the pervasive “mommy wine culture,” and the harmful effect it can have on individuals and families (especially children!). We explore ways to dismantle the harmful aspects of this culture and foster a more supportive environment for mothers.

For the “sober curious” or those facing a problematic relationship with alcohol, Celeste shares valuable advice on quitting and navigating the journey to sober motherhood. 

Tune in to gain insights, practical tips, and a path forward toward healthier motherhood with Celeste Yvonne. 



How have you seen the concept of “mommy wine culture” portrayed in media and popular culture, and in what ways do you think it influences mothers’ relationships with alcohol? In the episode, Celeste Yvonne emphasizes the importance of holistic support for mothers. What are some practical steps that families, friends, and society can take to provide this support at various stages of parenting? Celeste shares insights for those who are “sober curious” or feel they have a problematic relationship with drinking. How can individuals identify signs of a problematic relationship with alcohol, and what steps can be taken to start a journey towards sobriety? The episode discusses the increasing trend of women, especially mothers, consuming more alcohol. What societal factors do you think contribute to this trend, and what can be done on a broader scale to address and mitigate it?

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