Closing the Digital Gap: Comcast’s Broderick Johnson on Digital Equity Solutions

In This Episode:

Photo of digital equity solutions ME Guest, Broderick Johnson

With rapidly advancing technology, internet access has become essential to modern life. However, there is a significant digital gap between those with access to information and communication technology, especially the internet, and those without. This gap affects individuals, communities, and even some countries! Lack of digital equity can interfere with education as students struggle to access information and resources they need to succeed, and healthcare access, especially telehealth services. The digital gap also is contributing to economic disparities as people miss out on job opportunities and even economic resources available through the internet. So, what digital equity solutions are available to close the digital gap?

Broderick Johnson, the Executive Vice President of Public Policy and Digital Equity at Comcast and a distinguished leader who has dedicated his career to addressing critical policy issues, joins Dr. Erin Erickson for this episode of Mom Enough. Broderick highlights the importance of digital equity and shares solutions, including Lift Zones and other programs to ensure communities and individuals have access to the internet. He also shares insights on ways we all can actively contribute to digital equity efforts. And, many of our listeners may be eligible to benefit from services or products designed to enhance digital access, and Broderick offers guidance on how to do this (you can start by checking out Internet Essentials and Comcast Midwest Region Lift Zones or search Lift Zones across the country).

Broderick recently made a trip to the Twin Cities for events related to some of Minnesota’s initiatives on digital equity. We delve into one of these – a telehealth demo at HealtheMed – and explore its transformative potential in the realm of digital equity. Host Dr. Erin Erickson, a nurse practitioner who works in telehealth, shares her excitement about this demonstration and explores with Broderick how telehealth can significantly impact digital equity efforts. Gain insights into HealtheMed and discover the broader implications of telehealth in transforming health and healthcare through digital access.

Join us for this enlightening conversation with Broderick Johnson exploring the intersections of policy, digital equity, disparities, and health. And consider how you can play a part in a future of digital equity for all.



In this episode, Broderick Johnson emphasizes the role of individuals in supporting digital equity efforts. What actionable steps can you take, either personally or within your community, to contribute to closing the digital gap and ensuring broader access to digital resources? Considering the telehealth program, HealtheMed, that Broderick discussed, what are your thoughts on the intersection of digital equity and healthcare access? In what ways can technology bridge gaps and transform health outcomes for diverse communities? 



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