Mom Enough Live: Unlocking the Secrets of Early Literacy

In This Episode:

Join us for this episode of Mom Enough Live as we explore the latest on how children learn to read. Sara Reichstadt from Kinderberry Hill Child Development Centers discusses practical tips for fostering reading skills at home. She also delves into strategies for older children who are already strong readers. Don’t miss this insightful discussion on nurturing a love for reading in your child’s life.

Tune in to Mom Enough Live Episode 14 for a discussion on early literacy with co-host, Drs. Erin and Marti Erickson, and guest expert, Sara Reichstadt, of Kinderberry Hill Child Development Centers. Get tips on supporting reading skills at home.

Erin Erickson & Marti Erickson | Mom Enough Live |Early Literacy

About the Hosts

Photo of Mom Enough Owner & Co-Host, Dr. Erin EricksonDr. Erin Erickson is a maternal child health specialist and nurse practitioner, dual-certified in women’s health and family practice. She has extensive experience speaking and writing on topics related to parenting, maternal-child health, and mindfulness. In addition to her graduate studies in nursing and public health, Erin has a Master of Arts in integrative health and wellbeing coaching and works as a health coach for parents and students (from high school through graduate school). As a wife and mom, Erin is living most of the issues addressed on Mom Enough.


Photo of Mom Enough Co-Founder & Co-Host, Dr. Marti EricksonDr. Marti Erickson served as the founding Director of the Children, Youth & Family Consortium and, more recently, as director of the Irving B. Harris Programs and co-chair of the U of M President’s Initiative on Children, Youth & Families. Marti specializes in linking research, practice and policy in the areas of parent-child attachment, child abuse prevention, and children’s mental health. Since retiring from the University in 2008, Marti continues to speak and consult throughout the U.S. and abroad, with an emphasis on strategies for addressing the needs of children and families in high-risk circumstances.



KINDERBERRY HILL CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTERSWant to learn more about Kinderberry Hill or get helpful resources from their experts in child development? Explore their site and don’t miss their resources page for helpful tips and ideas you can implement at home.

MOM ENOUGH LIVE: LOOSE PARTS PLAY WITH EVERYDAY OBJECTS. As playtime technology expands, have we moved further away from what kids really need to develop their minds? Are everyday objects a better option than high-tech toys? We turned to the experts at Kinderberry Hill to learn more about loose parts play — or how you can use the empty box, the old buttons and other found and upcycled objects to optimize your child’s development. Watch this episode of Mom Enough Live to learn more!


Photo of Mom Enough Co-Hosts, Dr. Erin Erickson & Dr. Marti EricksonDr. Erin Erickson & Dr. Marti Erickson are here to support you on your parenting journey. Mom Enough® shares evidence-based information for parents and people who care for children and families. If there is a topic that you want us to address, send us a note and we will do our best to get you the information you need. Click here to sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay up-to-date with our latest podcasts and articles.


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