How Experience & Reflection Shape Our Mind: A Conversation with Dr. Dan Siegel

Book Cover for Neural Connections and ME guest, Daniel Siegel, MDNeuroscience research has led to a new understanding of how early childhood experience, especially parent-child attachment, affects neural connections in our brain. These connections in turn shape our mind, changing the way we think, feel and behave in later relationships and situations. But, as UCLA psychiatrist Dan Siegel discusses with Marti & Erin, our “mind” is more than our “brain.” Remembering and reflecting on our own childhood experiences can help us build new neural pathways and new ways of behaving at any age.


Get ready to take notes as you listen to this deep and important discussion of how reflective parenting can help us achieve greater well-being for ourselves and our children. And, consider reading Dr. Dan Siegel’s thought-provoking and mind-changing book, Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human, for a deeper dive into this fascinating subject.



In this Mom Enough discussion of the mind, Dr. Dan Siegel and Marti talk about the importance of reflecting on “implicit” memories so that they can become “explicit” and can be integrated into your understanding of how you respond to parenting challenges. When have you experienced an intense emotional reaction to your child’s behavior in a way that probably was fueled by some memory from your own childhood? What could you do differently the next time those emotions start to bubble up in a situation with your child?



THE POWER OF THE TEENAGE BRAIN: AN INTERVIEW WITH PSYCHIATRY PROFESSOR AND AUTHOR, DR. DAN SIEGEL.  In this conversation with Marti & Erin, Dr. Siegel debunks common myths of adolescence, illuminates exciting changes in the teenage brain and offers practical tips for parents and teens.


THE WHOLE-BRAIN CHILD: DR. DAN SIEGEL’S INNOVATIVE STRATEGIES FOR NURTURING YOUR CHILD’S DEVELOPING MIND. Listen as Dr. Siegel draws on recent brain research to offer an effective and innovative framework for teaching our children to understand how their brains work and use that knowledge to achieve balance, insight and strategies for coping with frustration, disappointment and conflict.

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