Clinical Hypnosis for Children & Adults: Benefits, Myths & Misconceptions

Photos of clinical hypnosis ME guest & founder, Dr. Erin EricksonWhen you hear the word “hypnosis,” what comes to your mind? Maybe you picture party tricks, someone asking a volunteer to agree to be hypnotized, then telling them to quack like a duck or bark like a dog. But what is hypnosis really? And more specifically, what does it look like when it is used in clinical practice to treat physical or psychological challenges in adults or children? With what kinds of issues or conditions is clinical hypnosis most likely to be appropriate and effective? And what kind of special training and credentials are required for professionals who use clinical hypnosis in their medical practice?


In this episode, Mom Enough turns to one of their own in-house experts, co-host Dr. Erin Erickson, a nurse practitioner, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and maternal-child health specialist. Erin talks about how clinical hypnosis is similar to other mind-body approaches and how it helps both children and adults build new skills in managing stress, anxiety or physical pain. Erin draws on both research and her own clinical observations of how hypnosis can help people get unstuck and live life to the fullest. Tune in to learn more about how clinical hypnosis could help you and your children.



What did you hear in this podcast that gave you a different or more complete and realistic sense of what clinical hypnosis looks like and how it might be helpful to children and adults? If you were going to consider clinical hypnosis for yourself or your child, what would be the “presenting problem” you think it could help?



THE SCIENCE OF MINDFULNESS: USING MIND-BODY SKILLS TO OPTIMIZE WELLBEING. In the daily ups and downs of parenting, mind-body techniques can be simple, effective tools to enhance your own wellbeing while setting a healthy example for your children at the same time. You also can help your children build these same mind-body skills at any age, giving them a head start on living a rich, peaceful, joyful life. Mom Enough co-host Dr. Erin Erickson teaches mind-body strategies and uses them in her clinical practice and in her demanding life as mom of three adolescents. Erin’s mom and co-host, Dr. Marti Erickson, interviews Erin on this important and practical topic.


CLINICAL HYPNOSIS FOR CHILDREN WITH EMOTIONAL AND BEHAVIORAL CHALLENGES. University of Minnesota pediatrician Dr. Andy Barnes finds hypnosis for children to be an effective, child-friendly way to help his young patients (tots to teens) use play and imagination to strengthen self-regulation skills and manage their behavior in situations that challenge them. In concrete, practical terms, Dr. Barnes discusses how he uses hypnosis and biofeedback in his practice and also mentions books and inexpensive devices that can help parents and children enhance their self-regulation skills beyond the doctor’s office.


❉ SCHEDULE A CLINICAL HYPNOSIS CONSULTATION. Check out Minnesota Mind-Body Medicine where you can schedule an initial consultation to see if clinical hypnosis with Dr. Erin Erickson is right for you.

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