Asking the Right Questions About ADHD

Book Cover for Questions About ADHD ME Guest, Dr. Norrine RussellDo you wonder if your child might have ADHD? Has your child been recently diagnosed with ADHD? Or, have you been navigating ADHD in your family for a long time? If you have, you likely have lots of questions about ADHD. And, there are likely more questions you would benefit from asking. This episode highlights the important questions parents should ask about ADHD to ensure their child has the best possible team and support for success with ADHD.


Dr. Norrine Russell is the co-author with Heidi Condrey of Asking the Right Questions About ADHD. Dr. Russell joins Mom Enough to discuss the important questions parents would want to ask if their child has ADHD. She outlines what questions are essential before, during and after a child is identified as having ADHD. Tune in to learn more about this helpful book.



How might Dr. Russells insights change the way you discuss ADHD with your child’s providers? What steps might you take to put together a team of people to support your child with ADHD?



UNDERSTANDING AND SUPPORTING YOUR CHILD OR TEEN WITH ADHDAn ADHD coach and mom of two complex kids with ADHD and other challenges, Dr. Norrine Russell wants you to know that ADHD is not a behavior problem, but a neurodevelopmental disorder; your kids are not just intentionally being “lazy” or “sloppy.” Also, all kids with ADHD are not alike. Some struggle most with starting a task, others with sticking with a task. Some feel paralyzed when they have to make choices among too many options – or figure out where to start when their whole room is pure chaos. But Dr. Russell also knows there are evidence-based practices that can help your child learn to live better with ADHD. And there are professionals who can determine the treatment and supportive strategies that will be most appropriate for your child. Check out our previous episode with Dr. Norrine Russell.


❉ BREAKING THE CYCLE OF BULLYING IN KIDS WITH ADHD & LEARNING DIFFERENCES.David Flink, a 2021 CNN Hero and the Chief Empowerment Office of Eye to Eye, joins Marti and Erin of Mom Enough for this important conversation on the link between ADHD, learning differences, and bullying. Having been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD at a young age, David shares personal insights about growing up with these diagnoses. Tune in to hear his story, learn about Eye to Eye, and gain a better understanding of how to support children with ADHD and learning differences. By breaking the stigma of learning differences and helping children build self-confidence, we can end of the cycle of bullying.


❉  EYE TO EYE. This organization is working to improve outcomes for students who learn differently. They offer peer mentorship, trainings for educators, educational programs for students with learning differences, speakers, and leadership opportunities. Check them out to learn more or get support for your child with learning differences.

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