Keys to Successful Online Learning: Pre-K through High School

Photo of Online Learning ME guest, Lynelle MorgenthalerAs the COVID19 pandemic continues, are your children facing more online learning this fall? And are you wondering how your family can manage the challenges that come with this new responsibility?


Many parents felt overwhelmed when schools were closed in the spring and children suddenly were confronted with online learning. And now, here we are starting a new academic year with countless students facing more distance learning, at least part-time if not full-time.


This is the time to reflect carefully on your children’s needs, interests and personalities. It is also the time to figure out together what it will take for each of your children to succeed online. You might need to consider your own skills and comfort level in supporting your children’s learning — taking into account your competence or comfort with assuming various teaching responsibilities.


This week’s Mom Enough guest, Lynelle Morgenthaler, brings years of experience with online learning to this practical, helpful discussion. Morgenthaler is Vice President of Learning Design at Edmentum, an online learning company that works with more than 8,000 school districts in 50 states and 75 countries.  As a former teacher and mother of two, she offers practical tips for establishing realistic daily schedules, having age-appropriate expectations, and talking with your children about feelings during these difficult times. She also discusses the importance of considering context and content when setting guidelines for screen time under these unprecedented times. Listen to this timely discussion and share with your friends!



What do you see as the major challenges and benefits of distance learning for your children? In what ways do your children differ from each other in their response to online education? And what practical steps can you take to help each of your children get the most from online education?



MAKING THE MOST OF ONLINE SCHOOL. Watch this live discussion with learning expert, Kreg Moccia, of Yup (the math learning app).

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