Start Early and Start Small: Grandparents and Grandkids Exploring Nature Together

Exploring Nature with Grandchildren blog postDo you want to start exploring nature with your grandchildren? Even if you aren’t an avid outdoorsman/woman, it’s easy to get outside together. Developmental psychologist, Dr. Marti Erickson, recommends you start early and start small. Calming a baby with a walk outside, snuggling a toddler with a favorite book in the yard, or collecting nature objects in a basket are just a few of her tips to get started sharing time in the great outdoors. Marti shares these tips and more in her guest blog post for Free Forest School. To read the blog, click here.


Want to learn even more about grandparenting in the natural world? Marty Smith, executive director of Help Me Grow (one of Mom Enough’s supporting partners), recommends taking your grandchild’s lead when it comes to enjoying nature across generations. To read more about her experiences, click here.




Scientific studies demonstrates that time in nature has many benefits for our health and wellbeing. Why not double the benefits by adding some time together exploring nature with your grandchildren? Nature can help decrease the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, improve blood pressure, decrease stress, and improve productivity. Time in nature can also encourage us to be more active, something we know is good for our mental and physical health. Kids who spend time outside also experience positive benefits. Time outdoors can improve mood, increase attention, and decrease anxiety. Exploring nature also increases our sense of responsibility for preserving the natural world. These are all great reasons to get outside!




Check out these Mom Enough shows and you too can start early and start small in your journey into the great outdoors:


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