Monitoring and Managing Your Children’s Screen Time: Full-Length Video

Mom Enough is excited to partner with Comcast to let you know about new resources for monitoring and managing your children’s screen time. Many of you have told us what a struggle this is, especially as your children get older. But the innovative Xfinity xFi system gives you a simple way to use your phone to monitor WiFi use, set parental controls, pause access to WiFi on your home network and much more — even when you are not at home!


Dr. Marti Erickson and Dr. Erin Erickson gathered together with local, Minnesota moms at the new state-of-the-art Xfinity store at Ridgedale to discuss how to achieve a healthy level of internet use and screen time in their homes. It was a great conversation about the challenges and concerns parents face when it comes to monitoring and managing their children’s internet use (and their own!) Comcast leaders demonstrated the innovative Xfinity xFi system and all it offers in helping parents with these challenges!


For important tips to help you manage your kids’ screen time, click here.


We hope you enjoy watching our full discussion, and encourage you to share this video and discussion questions!


Discussion Questions:

1) What concerns do you have about your children’s internet use and why? For example, what concerns do you have about amount of device time, content and interference with other activities you value, including face-to-face interaction with family members? What do you think are major consequences for children of too much — or inappropriate — use of internet?

2) What, if any, rules do you have for internet use in your household? Do these rules apply only to kids or are they for adults too?

3) Whether or not you have clear rules, how do you currently try to monitor or manage your kids’ internet use? And how is that working for you? Tell us about a recent power struggle with your child over this issue and how it played out. And don’t feel embarrassed; we all struggle with this and sometimes do things that are very ineffective!

4) What are the factors that make it hardest for you to stay on top of your family’s internet use and keep it at a healthy level?

5) What kinds of tools or resources would be helpful in monitoring your family’s use of the internet, especially at home?

6) What are three concrete steps you could take right now to begin to establish healthier patterns of screen time and device use in your household?

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